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       Hot Property - Letting and Management

HOT Property Real Estate has a dynamic Property Management department suitable for all properties but focus more on the exclusive homes, family homes and quality units / apartments.

Charges are simply a percentage of rent collected. HOT Property Real Estate treats all of it's landlords with the same elite service & charges the same low fee.

For only 8% (+GST),  you get

  • All the checks & balances of the letting process, (applicant scrutiny, negotiations & paperwork),
  • 12 months of property management,
  • 4 periodic inspections,
  • Before & after tenancy inspections ** with photographic evidence**,
  • All the routine notices (if any) delivered on time & first time,
  • Free electronic transfers direct into your bank account monthly of fortnightly (depending on rental payments),
  • Monthly & annual statements,
  • Periodic maintenance inspections,
  • Some minor maintenance is charged at the cost of materials only (THIS ALONE CAN SAVE YOU HUNDREDS of    $$$$$$$    THROUGHOUT THE PROPERTY'S LIFETIME),
  •  Tenancy tribunal appearances & applications,
  • All bills & accounts can be paid (relating to the property by the manager),
  •  Interstate phone calls, cheques, letters, postage, emails & local calls,
  • Quotations from qualified tradespeople &
  • Ask about our trial period if you still can't decide.

When you see what our 8% (+GST) gets you, what that really means is all you have to do is open the monthly statement & check your bank account - leave the rest to us. True property management is here where you don't have to do anything at all.

Really, the only question you need to ask yourself is "Why wait & keep paying higher & higher fee's"? Have your investment property managed by a 10+ year veteran in the industry.

I want professional service without it costing me a fortune!