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       Hot Property - Selling a Home

HOT Property Real Estate uses the Pilling System to obtain your best price possible in the shortest time frame available & some of the Fatal Traps of Real Estate that we don't fall into are briefly listed below - But it is also in your best interest to prepare the property correctly for the market that you are targeting. Some of these methods are also listed below.

Fatal Traps that you should avoid at all costs. (More information is available by phoning or emailing HOT Property Real Estate).

  • Asking too much for the property.
  • Asking too little for the property.
  • Using a Fixed Price when marketing.
  • Taking too long to sell.
  • Signing an agency agreement for longer than a 90 day period.
  • Disclosing your price.
  • Over inflating price expectations.
  • NOT Advertising your property in a multi media forum.
  • NOT conducting Open Inspections.
  • Appointing the agent who quoted the highest price.
  • Appointing the agent that quoted the lowest fee.
  • Listing with a No-Sale-No-Charge Agent.
  • Listing with a number of agents.
  • Incorrectly structuring the agents fee to your disadvantage.
  • Investing in property outside of your knowledge base or area.
  • Not getting independent advice or an independent valuation
  • & a lack of proper presentation.

When preparing your home for market, work out with your HOT Property Salesperson who the likeliest buyers are and invest some effort in targeting the campaign towards them. (EG: will your property appeal to the family market, singles or couples, pet lovers, non-pet lovers, first home buyer, retirees, investors, developers, the prestige market, renovators, fishermen, boaties, surf lovers, pool lovers, tennis players etc...)

Next there are millions of ways to impress these people both with improvements & furnishings, try a mix of as many as you can. Keep an eye on the budget as to what you can afford to do both with "Money" & also "Time".

We have compiled 53 simple value adding improvements that take little time & money for the full story contact HOT Property Real Estate, but some of these in their simplest form are listed below,

  • Improve the street appeal by planting flowering plants (potted colour).
  • Mow & edge the lawn.
  • Repair & paint the fence & letterbox.
  • Clean out & paint gutters, downpipes & facias.
  • Trim bushes & trees that obtrude into walking paths.
  • Clean your windows, doors, roller doors & exterior blinds. (PLUS MANY OTHERS)
  • Now your inside the home de-clutter every room - Maximise the space you have available.
  • Have fresh flowers out for open inspections.
  • Brew some coffee before inspections or bake some bread in the bread-maker / oven.
  • Get rid of that foul laundry smell.
  • Don't smoke inside.
  • leave the radio, a popular CD or the television on in the background.
  • Turn on all the lights with high powered globes wherever possible.
  • Polish the brass, stain the wood, fill the cracks & steam clean the carpets.
  • Make the bed, do the dishes, sparkle the bathroom & adjust the climate control to a suitable temperature.
  • Clean the skylights & ceiling fans & make sure they work.

I want to sell for the highest price possible in the shortest time possible!