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       Hot Property - Property Appraisal

                        HOT Property Real Estate, using the most advanced technologies available, have changed the accuracy of appraising properties. Forget the wise old man who's seen it all over the last 40 years & knows every price for every property off the top of his head.

                       We know that every (home / unit / townhouse / character home / block of land) and so on, is different - just as you do. Your home is not the same as the one across the street & little things can make a big difference. Most of our appraisals take less than half an hour with a high level of accuracy. So when you want to really know what your property is worth - & YOU WANT TO SELL IT - NOT just put it on the market, fill in the form below, for one of our friendly staff to contact you or you can call us on our

 24-Hour HOTline - 8242 3456.


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